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Sugar Motor Experimenter's Kit

Sugar motors are simple to build and cheap to make using easily obtainable fuels like sucrose, sugar, dextrose, fructose and Potassium Nitrate, aka Salt Peter.  Sugar Motors are also known as Candy, Caramel Candy, Rocket Candy,  TF-1, KNO3/Sugar, and a variety of other names.

This kit is just the thing for constructing and firing your own KNO3/Sugar motors, 
a complete assembly that fits nicely and looks great. 


Below you'll see what you get in each kit:

One 316L Stainless Steel Nozzle

38mm Casting Tubes and 
Phenolic Liners

- enough to make 8 motors - 

sugar complete

Aluminum case with external and internal grooves for spiral retaining ring, 3 each dash 121 silicone o-rings, stainless steel nozzle, and billet aluminum forward closure threaded for recovery attachment.

Motor casing is 38mm x 225mm, nozzle ID is 8.036mm

With the kit you also get a history of the development of sugar propellants, a list of tips for making your own castable grains, and a huge assortment of Internet links showing a variety of websites devoted to making candy motors.

We highly recommend you download this pdf entitled SugarPro_Proposal.pdf written by James Yawn and Stuart Leslie. It's a terrific resource and covers a lot of the motor making basics. This white paper is very well written and truly a labor of love. (2.2 meg file)

Smalley Spiral Retaining Ring Installation pdf



Grain mass
0.206 kg.
(basic sugar formulation)

0.454 lb.

Total impulse
250.8 N-sec.

56.4 lb-sec.

Average thrust
176.9 N.

39.8 lb.

Thrust time
1.417 sec.

Specific Impulse
124.2 sec.

Motor Classification
H 177
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