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Urgent Purple Stuff


Motor Hardware

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38mm Motor Cases
76mm Motor Cases
76mm and 38mm forward closures
- forged eyebolt included with every full motor
76mm graphite nozzle (top)
76mm Aluminum insert with nozzle (bottom)
38mm, 54mm, 75mm, 98mm Hardware

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DIY Urgent Purple Hardware can be compatible with commercial reloads like Aerotech, Kosdon by Aerotech, USR or Animal Motor Works.  This might take some fitting of the grains and liners but doing it yourself with the proper tools and materials is what these casings are all about.  Forward closures are plugged and have no well for a black powder recovery charge though a slight modification can be made to include a pyrotechnic delay element of your choice.

All DIY Hardware motor tubing is anodized a throbbing, urgent purple. Anodizing provides extra strength to the tubing as well as a durable finish. Every motor tube is carefully machined to established dimensions and tolerances to accept properly sized propellant grains.

A typical solid motor is assembled with the propellant grains in the mid section of the motor case. The propellant grains are sleeved in a paper tube liner and then inserted into the casing. Motor parts are assembled using a system of "O" rings to seal the forward closure and the nozzle. These units are then secured using a snap ring for the forward closure and snap ring aft. A motor retainer ring is also installed on the exterior of the case. 

A hybrid motor can be easily manufactured using these cases and closures as a starting point.  Since the o-ring sealed forward closure is snap ringed in place leaving off the snap ring immediately converts this closure to a floating bulkhead appropriate for monocoque hybrid motors similar to Dave Griffith's RATTworks design.  Drill a hole or holes for the injectors or develop a pyro initiated nitrous valve of your own design to flow nitrous into the grain using the space in the Purplestuff case above the grain for nitrous.  Add another forward closure with appropriate vent hole to seal off the end of the monocoque tank.

Purplestuff is also a terrific starting point for bipropellant ablative liquid motors.  Drill the forward closure as necessary to adapt to your spray patterns and fittings.  Install a phenolic liner of sufficient thickness in the combustion chamber to prevent burn through.  A coaxial type injector would be slick and simple to incorporate into the head end of this motor.

Clean your motor case and parts after every test fire or launch. Residue from your propellant mix is corrosive and will pit the tubing if left in the tube. A simple washing with soap and warm water should clean the case. Carefully inspect "O" ring seals for burn wear and cracking. Inspect nozzle washer, thrust ring and snap rings for fatigue. 

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