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ThroughMount Slotted Switch

Mount switch through 5/8" hole in bulkhead or airframe.  Switch is SPDT so choose your own hookup method.  Originally used as a 120 / 240 voltage selector switch this unit is very clean and mounts almost flush.

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PCB mounted Screw Switch

Similar to what Black Sky supplied on their earlier AltAcc flight computers.  Use with printed circuit board or attach to a piece of G10.  Solder to the leads provided then tighten the screw to close the contacts.

This unusual item consists of a small insulated 5/16" diameter terminal which has 2 solder pins on the bottom and a screw on top. 


Terminal: Phosphor Bronze, tin plated

Screw: Steel, tin plated

Insulator: Polyester


Current Rating: 10 amps @ 110 VRMS

Breakdown Voltage: 1800 VMRS (min.) with screw backed out two full turns

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