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acceleration switch

Screw Switch

18" Parachute

Slotted Rotary Switch

Euro Terminal

Nylon Screws
Perfect as Shear Pins

16" Parachute

Remove Before Flight Flags

Prestoloc Fittings
for hybrid motors



Black Powder
Charge Cannisters
4+ Gram

Safe/Arm Lock

Test Stand Pictorial

Shrink Tube Assortment


Black Powder
Charge Cannisters
2.0 gram
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Nichrome Wire

36" Parachute

28" Xform Chutes

Silicone Oil

Remove Before Flight Flags

38, 54, 75 mm 
Phenolic Liners
and Casting Tubes

Safe/Arm Lock Thingy

DOA Plasticizer

Durham's Water Putty

60" parachute

30" Xform Chute

Parachute Fun-Pak

Mister Ballistic AeroWear

Authentic Newton T-Shirts

R is for Rocket T shirts

Groovy Aerocon AeroCaps

Just Added, the Mister Ballistic Line of Rocket Outerwear
Haute couture at it's finest!

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Make your choices and take personal responsibility for the outcome of your experiment!
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