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How to Order from Aerocon

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Payment Options

By Postal Mail

Print out the order form and mail it to us.We I'll contact you with the total including shipping and handling.

Aerocon Systems
4170 Golf Dr. 
San Jose, Ca 95127-1215  USA

By Fax

Fax us your order using the order form linked above and we'll fax back the total including shipping and handling.

(408) 926-6507

By Phone

Our business hours are 8:30 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday Give us a jingle, tell us what you'd like to order and we'll tell you what the total will be including shipping and handling.

(408) 272-7001

San Jose, CA USA Pacific Time Zone

By Email

Drop us a note indicating which items you would like to purchase.  We'll email you back with a total including shipping and handling.

Items listed on this site generally have a price, some special items do not.  For unpriced items, please call or email for details. 

Shipping is not included in any prices shown and must be calculated the old fashioned way -  by us, we weigh the order and figure out what it'll cost to ship.  There is generally a $4.00 handling charge for every order.  Excessively bulky, fragile, or awkward goods may require an additional handling charge, please contact us for details.   We ship via USPS as long as it remains the most competitive and reliable - the service we have received in the past has been impeccable.  Overseas and international shipping require additional paperwork so a surcharge for writer's cramp is assessed. 

Graphite, due to it's bulk and heavy nature, may require an additional $2.00 handling fee for orders (exclusive of shipping and handling) between $6.00 and $10.00, $4.00 for orders between $11.00 and $50.00, $6.00 for orders from $51.00 to $100.00, $8.00 for orders from $101.00 to $150.00.  This is mainly for additional packaging necessary to protect your graphite in transit.  Plus it's messy and black. 

If you would like insurance or delivery confirmation/tracking please ask for pricing.

Payment Options:

We accept money orders and  checks in US Dollars (allow time for a check to clear bank), Visa, Mastercharge, American Express or PayPal.  We also accept bank wire transfers though a $15 wire fee may apply, please contact us for wire transfer information.

Ordering from Aerocon via PayPal:
If you are not currently a subscriber to the PayPal service, click on the below PayPal banner and you will be taken to the PayPal sign up page.  Once you have subscribed use the below last name and any of the listed email addresses to send money.

Use "" as your Paypal recipient.

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Aerocon Systems Co. 
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