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New for 2010

Brand new webstore is released to the public

We've added rail buttons in the Launch and Recovery category

The Featherweight flight computer becomes available in the Electronics>Avionics section.

Kevlar bridle material is offered in the Launch and Recovery category

The Rattworks AARD, a terrific pyro release device is available in the Launch and Recovery category 

2-56 Nylon screws to secure sections of airframe or nosecone together added to Launch and Recovery

We've included a nifty 9 volt battery holder to our Electronics>Avionics section

New for 2009

We've added 3 new surplus parachutes.  The 60" pilot chute which was used by US Army jumpers, a 16" paper parachute, and a 23" rip stop square parachute.
The M80 Rocket Powered Skateboard by Dan Pollino, modifying a board for rocket diamondz. Congreve would have been proud.
We add some recently acquired teflon coated rocket motor mandrels.

New for 2008

New additions to Test stand pictorial
Taber Transducers, world's finest heavy duty pressure transducers specifically designed for accuracy, shock, and thermal variances of rocket motor test stands.
New load cells, 20, 50, 500, 1000, 2000 pounds
Spare key for KS3
"Ardent Youth" is revised and rereleased as "Civilian Rocketry" by William Colburn, a terrific narration of the beginnings of sugar propellants told by the inventor himself.
An interesting read, the original LR-5 nitrous-alcohol-PVC rocket motor by Rattworks instructions in JPG format.
We add Manganin wire to our selection of resistance wires.
We add Staging High Power Rockets by Ray Dunakin to our literature collection.

New for 2007

Revised Colburn Advanced Hybrid manual, more software, more pages, more pictures.
10' diameter parachute
Aerocon is proud to sponsor Gene Nowaczyk's Balls 2006 93K project, the first solo amateur flight to 100,000 feet with full recovery.
We find a whole slew of MSI 600 Transducers in 0-1000 PSI range and offer them to our customers. They're going fast!
RDAS peripherals, Magnetic Field Sensor board and High and Low Temperature Thermocouple boards are still for sale.
New info on Bipropellant thruster.
We add Camera Payloads for Rockets by Ray Dunakin and Vertical Trajectory Systems by Steve Ainsworth to our literature collection.
Day/Night Remove Before Flight flag is now available. An Aerocon original, great for nighttime flight operations.
Embroidered Remove Before Flight Keychain flag, a very spiffy little flag that's truly durable.
CircleSeal Solenoid Valves are available in 110 VAC 6000 psi format.


The surplus market turns up another gem, our 73" Ballistic X-form parachute.
20' Square parachute complete with harness, a parachute for those larger projects.
We find a bunch of DOT rated UN transportation vessels of 316L (suitable for Nitric Acid projects) and offer them on the net.
The bible of things that go bang in space, the Aerospace Ordnance Handbook is offered for sale.
Robert H. Goddard Collection is added to our literature selection.
MHPR gets a revision in Modern High Power Rocketry2 by Mark Canepa
Hothead Electric Matchheads become available.
New solenoids with catchy names, Bigger and Smaller High Pressure Solenoid Valves

  • 2005

    The S'Creamer miniature hybrid motor is offered for sale on the Aerocon Motors Page, an acrylic motor with whipped cream nitrous charger injection. Very wicked.

    We add SkyRipper hybrid motors to our line of rocket motors. Simple, cheap, easy to assemble - gets lots of bang for your hybrid buck.

    Aerocon introduces the 22N Thruster Bi-Propellant rocket motor

    Bill Colburn releases his "Hybrid Propulsion Design Manual" available from our literature page.

    Rocketeers benefit when Monterey Machine goofs! See the Rattworks RattPak, a terrific kit for high strength, high temperature super alloy screws made from parts left over from the Airbus 380.

    A good scale is important to every inventor - and we've found 3! The Aerobowl Scale comes in a variety of capacities - 300g, 600g, and a whopping 4,000g. Each scale has its own clear acrylic bowl for accurate holding performance plus a terrific parts counting feature. 300 and 600g scales are accurate to .1g while the 4,000g scale is accurate to .5g.

    We add 5 new varieties of Remove Before Flight flags!

    Emil Johnsen's "Hybrid Design Program" is available as a CD-ROM for all hybrid enthusiasts. Design your own motors and tankage.

    David Sleeter releases his "Amateur Rocket Motor Construction" manual, a terrific follow-on to his earlier Teleflite efforts. A must have for every rocketeer's library.

    Rattworks releases their kick ass 38mm hybrid motors, the 24" I160 and the 36" J250.

    The literature page is beefed up with three new additions on parachutes, recovery, and retardation devices. All cool books with incredible amounts of information. Knacke's masterpiece "Parachute Recovery Systems" and Dan Poynter's works, Parachute Manual Vol 1 and Parachute Manual Vol 2.

    HX-878 Tepanol is finally available in an easy to use syringe. A terrific bonding agent for HTPB/AP composite propellant mixtures.

    High pressure 3.5" and 5.5" Stainless Steel spherical vessels added to the plumbing section.

    Inexpensive 12 and 20 ounce N2O and CO2 (or any similar compressed gas or liquid) is on the Aerocon bottles and Tanks page.

    Check out the 50 gallon LOX trailer. Just what you always needed!

    We've added a nice assortment of shrink tube in various handy sizes.

    RadioFire© Deployment on Demand becomes available.

    After a year of searching we find the best, cheapest, fastest scale for the amateur propellant maker - the aero2500.

    We take the mess out of Tepanol by putting it into a 2 ounce syringe.

    500, 1000, 2000 lb-f load cells are added to our Load Cell page

    For larger projects of up to 250 pounds we've added a C-9 personnel parachute.

    3 new titles added to the literature page plus some scans of inside text and images for your perusal.  Liquid Propellant Rockets by Altman and Summerfield, Solid Propellant Rockets by Huggett,  Bartley and Mills, Jet Propulsion Engines by O.E. Lancaster.

    We make a great buy on a bunch of DOT-UN rated Stainless Steel pressure vessels, perfect for HTP, Nitric Acid, or your oxidizer du jour.

    Take a look at these cool Gemini © air actuated 700 PSI ball valves, they open faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle".

    "Guided Missiles", a 1957 US Air Force textbook is available on our literature page.  This great textbook may be on the old side but much of the information contained is still relevant today.

    We offer the Time-Life video "Secrets of German WW2 Vehicles" a terrific 1 hour video which includes V-1, V-2, Natter, Rheintochter, X-4 and other cool rockets from that era.  See our literature page

    December 2004 -
    • Santa brings us something cool for Christmas, a brand new LR-64 Jayhawk Motor!
    November 2004 -
    • Krytox grease becomes available in el cheapo 6 gram syringes.  No big cash outlay for a tube you'll never use in a lifetime.
    • Total Impulse recovery bridles are the latest thing for saving your rockets - and we carry it.

    April 2004 -
    • Our O-ring luber made by the Frank Hillson Company is now made in house because we bought the company.  Frank decided to retire due to poor health so Bob picks up the torch and becomes a grease monkey.
    • Tips page gets updated with some new info.

    September 2003 -
    • We add 2" and 4" shrink tape to our inventory, a wonderful alternative to vacuum bagging for fiberglassing tubes.
    • Sugar Motor experimenter rocket motor with liners and stainless steel nozzle hits the webpage.

    August 2003 -
    • We add 2" Teflon 7 mil sticky-back tape to the inventory, great for motor making.
    • Shooter's Wire is available on the Nichrome page.  Great for making electric matches.
    • Krytox grease becomes available 2 ounce and 8 ounce tubes.

    July 2003 -
    • The ArtieDaq amp gets revised and becomes the Aerocon Amp01.  Functionality improves as noise and drift virtually disappear.
    • 100 Kg load cell goes on sale.
    • Rattworkss releases the L/M combo hybrid motor.

    June 2003 -
    • Something happened but I'm not sure what.  It was a busy month.
    • First TV buys a whole slew of RDAS flight computers and components for their upcoming feature on LDRS 22 and the first "Rocket Challenge" to be aired in November.
    • RATTWorks announces a spiffy new hybrid Star injector for their K and L/M motor.

    May 2003 -
    • PAPI 94 replaces BASF MM103 as our curative of choice for the R45M resin composite rocket motor system.
    April 2003 -
    • FlippiTwin / Gwiz LC Combo Pack is announced.
    • Mykrolis 0-3,000 PSI Pressure Transducer/ Sending Gauges becomes available.
    • Robert Galejs introduces a functionality upgrade to his MAD magnetic apogee detector kit.

    March 2003 -
    • Tips and Tricks gets an update
    • We get a new shipment of 1.75" X 12" graphite rods, perfect for 38mm motors.
    • FlippiTwin 2 stage breech launched rocket hits the market!

    February 2003 -
    • Happy Valentines Day!

    January 2003 -
    • Aqua Environment product line makes its debut.  Lots of great regulators and other high pressure control devices.
    • Gwiz MC Mega Deal is available for a limited time.
    • The CD3 CO2 deployment device website gets some new information about using the device with smokeless powders.

    December 2002 -
    • Great Zot, it's been a busy month at Aerocon
    • Rouse-Tech releases the CD3, CO2 deployment device.
    • Mark Canepa publishes Modern High Power Rocketry, find it in our literature section
    • We find some nifty slotted switches that are a very low profile and perfect for airframe surface mounting
    • Check out the Specials Page for Goodies under $5 and Goodies under $15  I went through the entire webstore and picked out all the things that fit those two criteria, almost 40 different items!
    • Added pricing for Purple Stuff DIY hardware
    • Tested the LR32 liquid regen pocket rocket the first weekend of the month.  It's that much closer to production!
    • Completely revamped the Plumbing pages.  Added a bunch of regulators, gauges, valves, and other fun things
    • Revamped the "Miscellaneous" page to make for easier navigation.
    • Created a "motor making" page to group all the components we carry for solid and hybrid fuel grain and nozzle construction
    • "History of Shaped Charges" becomes available again, see the Literature section
    • Added a couple of informational .pdfs and links to the Load Cell and Pressure Transducers pages.  If you're just getting started or are thinking about data acquisition, this is a great place to begin.
    • Updated the "What's New" page.

    November 2002 -
    • We find a nifty screw switch
    • A very cool tangle-free 60" pilot chute is added to our parachute pages
    • Purple Stuff D-I-Y Experimental motors show up at Aerocon
    • Jack Hagerty's book "Spaceship Handbook" can be now found on the literature page.

    October 2002 -
    • We add a nice duo to the parachute pages, a white 27" crossform and a 30" orange crossform
    • "Rockets of the World" and "Retro Rockets" gets added to the literature page, Peter Alway's wonderful resources.
    • 29mm through 75mm paper casting tubes and phenolic liners are available.
    • HTPB and Isonate MM103 curative can be purchased for making hybrid motor grains and composite solid propellants.
    September 2002 -
    • We find some ultra high quality Neff instrument amps
    • "SMALL SOUNDING ROCKETS" gets added to the literature page.  This is one great book, all you ever wanted to know about sounding rockets from the 50s, 60s, 70s to present.  Richard Morrow, Author
    • Holy Guacamole! a boat load of 44 pounds force load cells  REAL CHEAP!  This is a great load cell for A through H type motors
    • For those foreign customers who can't find Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty at the local hardware store, find it here.

    August 2002 -
    • ArtieDAQ amp goes Beta
    • Our line of high pressure axial solenoids expands
    • We find a boat load of glue sticks at a yard sale, you get yard sale pricing as well
    • Diameter tapes go on sale.  Perfect for measuring the OD of a tubular object on the fly

    July 2002 -
    • We track down a cool 500 lbf load cell
    • Test Tube Black Powder charge holders, for larger airframes
    • EPDM kits for do-it-yourself high temp motor liners

    June 2002 -
    • RATTworks Tribrids come online
    • 25 gauge Nichrome, perfect for hot wire foam cutting
    May 2002 -
    • Graphite Grab bags come available, perfect for rocket and Stirling motor enthusiasts.  I had no idea there were that many hot air engine enthusiasts out there!

    April 2002 -
    • Brand name 9 volt batteries for a song!
    • Aerocon bites the bullet and begins accepting Visa and Mastercard.  No more listening to people saying "You don't accept credit cards?  What kind of a moron are you?"
    March 2002 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets
    February 2002 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets or goofing off

    January 2002 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets

    December 2001 -
    • Website given brand new look!
    • Complete test stand becomes available
    • New larger Black Powder vials added to Ejection Cannister line
    • Burst Diaphragms are updated
    • New Marotta solenoid valves are added to line

    • Grove Mity Mite reducing valve is available
    November 2001 -
    • Gwiz MC hits the market
    • R-DAS Magnetosensor expansion module ready for shipment
    • Rattworks K240 drops in price to $250 from $300
    October 2001 -
    • Glossary is updated
    • New RDAS 3 and 5 element Yagis are added

    September 2001 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets
    August 2001 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets

    July 2001 -
    • Something or other is updated
    • not sure, probably off flying rockets

    June 2001 -
    • Glossary is updated
    • R-DAS Fun-Pak is added

    May 2001 -
    • Electonics page is given a new look
    • R-DAS page is updated
    • Yagi and Quad 433 MHz antennae are added to R-DAS telemetry system
    • Magnetosensor is added to electronics lineup
    • Igniterman electric match kit is added to Aerocon stable of stars

    April 2001 - 
    • Flashbulb page is added
    • 6 foot chute page is updated with dyeing tips

    March 2001 -
    • RDAS Telemetry is released
    • Gwiz page gets a facelift
    • Grab bag o' graphite gets added to graphite page
    • We add a variety of shapes and sizes to our cavalcade of graphite
    • Wireless GSE gets closer to production
    • Data Acquisition amplifier board goes into production for an early May release date
    Feb 2001 -
    • New gizmos and tips added to tip page
    • Wireless GSE for hybrids, liquids, and solids gets closer to production
    • Aerocon gets a couple new logos
    • New load cells are made available
    • RATTworks page gets an overhaul
    • R-DAS Kompact is released!
    • Order form is made a bit cleaner, so is the catalog page
    • Experimental Composite Propellants and Fundamentals of Rocketry are added to available books
    • Black Powder Ejection Cannister is added
    • Deployment Bag is added
    • Ballistic Drogue is added
    • New Remove Before Flight flag is available
    • Boilerplate motors are updated
    • Nosecones are updated

    Jan 2001 - 
    • Loading and altimeter installation tutorial is added to 38 Special page
    • Better keyswitch is added, 
    • test stands are updated, 
    • casting tubes become available, 
    • load cell troubleshooting is added to Tips page
    • PeaCh Electronics mounting and Oortman key drawing is added to Gizmos page
    • Data Acquisition is made available,
    • Strand Burner comes on line,
    • Rate Gyro spec sheet is added

    Dec 2000 -
    • Parachutes are updated to include
    • 27" x-form, 
    • 66" chute,
    • dyeing instructions for parachutes, 
    • 17' chute, 
    • and a parachute fun pack
    • 38 Special rocket is added, 
    • nichrome wire in 34 gauge is added, 
    • new load cells become available, 
    • Graphite selection is expanded
    • Rattworks loading tutorial goes online
    • "How Hybrids Work" is developed

    Nov 2000 -
    • Tips are updated to include new Gizmos including the zirk vent bit. 
    • Flippifin is revamped and brought to market including new .pdf instructions
    • Flippifin building tutorial is created

    Oct 2000 -
    • Glossary and Catalog are updated.  Pretty much all the entries in the catalog are revamped for easier site navigation.

    Sep 2000 -
    • Website is revamped to show numerous new products. 
    • R-DAS and G-wiz flight computers become available. 
    • Rattworks motors become certified and line is expanded.

    Aug 2000 -
    • Site moves to

    Apr 2000 -

      Bob Fortune purchases Aerocon from Bill Colburn. 


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