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How RATTWorks Motors Work

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Assembled Motor

This is a simple line art image of a typical Rattworks motor. This scheme is also true of Propulsion Polymer motors and all floating bulkhead motors.

The part labeled "aluminum injector" is the floating bulkhead, it floats in that it slides within the tube, is sealed by o-rings acted upon by the pressure in the nitrous tank.

Filling begins:

The tank is being filled with liquid nitrous.


Filling complete:

The tank is now full and is venting liquid nitrous. 
Prior to this the ullage was filled with gaseous nitrous.


Ignition begins:

The composite reload, or preheater grain, is ignited by an electric match.

Preheater grain ignites:

This starts the process rolling. The grain heats up, melts and then vaporizes.

Nitrous flow begins:

The grain is nice and toasty, then the fill tube bursts flooding the chamber with liquid nitrous.


Motor fires:

Now the motor is up to pressure, the nitrous has decomposed into nitrogen and oxygen. 
The motor will provide thrust until the liquid nitrous is expended.

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