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A rocket motor that uses whipped cream chargers filled with Nitrous Oxide as the oxider and Acrylic plastic as the fuel!

The whole thing is about the same size as a Hot Dog.... but way faster!


Rebuild kit
4 larger O-rings, 2 smaller O-rings,
1 internal snap ring, 1 initiating bolt,
1 nozzle, 1 brass peircer unit with o-ring

Reload kit
5 acrylic grains,
5 nitrous cartridges,
5 plastic burst discs

download instructions, 136k pdf

download mpg video, 1.1 meg

download zipped video, 572k


With each Screamer kit you get the following items:
• Motor case with all internal components
• Premium graphite reusable nozzle
• Rebuild kit with Allen wrench, burst disks, extra snap rings, and O-rings
• 5 Acrylic Fuel Grains
• 5 N2O Cartridges
• Instructions for use


These are the components of the motor


And here's a cutaway of the assembled motor and charger

The nozzle is on the left and the cap screw which cranks down on and punctures the charger is on the right. The gold anodized bulkhead between the charger and motor grain contains the piercing piston and burst disk.

Here's a complete motor showing the pyrodex starter grain already in place:

The film on the inside of the grain is the pyrodex/NC lacquer slurry, the slug itself can be seen directly to the left of the gold bulkhead o-ring.


A little bit of background on whipped cream charger hybrid motors:

Dave Oback and Bill Colburn experimented with Whip-It brand nitrous chargers and an old time grammophone needle inside an aluminum casing with a paper fuel grain. Beaded nylon wire tie was used to hold back a spring attached to the grammophone needle. When the nylon tie burned the needle pierced the cartridge and the motor lit. This was about 1994.

Rene Caldera came up with a completely independent system around 1998 with terrific success and spawned a entire group of microhybrid enthusiasts. Supplying parts and plans on the internet Rene introduced many experimenters to the simplicity of his motor. Several other experimenters have utilized Rene's design to develop their own version, the Aerocon S'Creamer is one such example based on his work. Given the amount of nitrous oxide available in commercial whipped cream chargers the performance doesn't vary much from design to design.

More information here on the genesis of the Caldera MicroHybrid here:

Aerocon S'Creamer Specifiations (more to follow soon):

Motor Diameter: 22mm

Burn time: 1 second approx.

Total Impulse - 11 NS approx.


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Make your choices and take personal responsibility for the outcome of your experiment! 
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