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HTPB Rubber

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Papi 94 Curative

We have R45M HTPB and Papi 94 polymeric MDI isocyanate curative in stock in gallon kits.  Kit is comprised of One Gallon HTPB and Papi 94 Curative.  Typical mixing ratio for best cure is 88% HTPB - 12% Papi 94.

This is the classic solid rocket motor binder!

Our room temperature cure compound is perfect as a hybrid fuel, binder for solid motors, to make rubber components by casting, making insulation when used with silica microballoons, or as a slow curing rubber bonding agent.

Each kit, which contains R45M and enough Papi 94 curative (by weight) to make over 45 pounds of propellant when used with your favorite APCP brew!

HTPB/Papi 94 Kit 

- One Gallon container of HTPB 
- One 12 ounce container (415 grams by weight) of Papi 94


Papi 94 is shipped in a container containing 415 grams of catalyst. This is enough curative to cure one gallon of HTPB.

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