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Civilian Rocketry
by William Colburn

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The latest book in the Colburn Series dealing
with technical, semi-technical and historical subjects
relating to rocket propulsion; it is a rich read for
the hobbiest and professional alike.

In 154 pages, Colburn outlines the history of 21
rocket societies, some briefly, some very extensively.
These groups, primarily from 1942 to the present, have
served as the breeding grounds for thousands of
engineers and scientists. Not only in rocket
propulsion but in many technical fields.

The ingenuity and wide-spread interests of these
groups are outlined in this volume with narrative,
photographs, charts, tables, reports and notes.
Descriptions of early launches and tests abound.

Civilian Rocketry is a unique look into the past of amateur rocketry,
Colburn has used his acquaintance with many early
workers to flesh out this manuscript. His personal
experience of over 50 years in rocket propulsion is
well evident.

What a great gift for a rocket enthusiast, history
buff, or young person about to invest their
intelligence in a technical field.

Or gift yourself with this most excellent read.

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