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SORAC Project
- Hollister, Ca Ex/Am Rocket
A very cool project

Build yer own D-5
if you happen to be so inclined

Rocketry.Org Suppliers Hotlist
(click on "suppliers")

Books Online
Lots of historical and technical information

October Science
Sugar and Potassium Nitrate Motor Making kits

Skylighter Pyrotechnics
Firework and Pyrotechnic Chemicals.  Harry Gilliam is a terrific resource!

Amateur Rocketry Pages
Hans Olaf Toft's place in Frederiksberg, Denmark
An excellent site.
Richard Nakka's definitive site
a compendium of amateur motor making links
Southern California Amateur Rocketry

Paul Kelly's Hybrids
Paul Kelly's spot on the net

Interesting Factoids
Animated Knot Tying, a great resource for learning knots

Ejection Charge Calculator
A Java application to calculate your BP charge

Parachute Descent Rate Calculator
Another Java App to figure your chute size


Near Space Balloon Tracker
aRocket's Homepage, lots of amateur links
aRocket listserver archives - searchable if you subscribe
NASA's one stop search shop
Rocketry Online

Copyright 1967 by Leroy J. Krzycki
aRocket's Homepage, lots of amateur links

Historical Webpages

Bob Fortune's Navaho Webpage
A look at the Navaho Cruise Missile undergoing reconstruction at Cape Canaveral
Thiokol's Rocket Basics Site, an excellent primer

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Make your choices and take personal responsibility for the outcome of your experiment!
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