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We stock a variety of round graphite sizes. If you need graphite in diameters larger or smaller that what we show, please contact us.

Really Big Graphite Round

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38mm nozzle sitting on a 10.5" x 14" blank

Due to its incredible resistance to high heat, graphite uses include rocket motor nozzles, linear bearings, Stirling motor pistons, welding stands, glass blowing and jewelry making.  It's also handy for arc welding since graphite is conductive.

Graphite on the lathe
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Graphite Stock becomes Nozzles
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Thanks to Tony Alcocer for these images!

New Round Stock

.030 Grain Size (Medium)

Cost Per 12" Length (300mm)

.008 Grain Size (Fine)

Cost Per 12" Length (300mm)

2.0 Inch (50mm)
12" (300mm)
Special Order
12" (300mm)
3.0 Inch (75mm)
1 2" (300mm)
(3.35" nominal)
Special Order
12" (300mm)
4.0 Inch (114mm)
12" (300mm)
Special Order
12" (300mm)
6.0 Inch
6" (150 mm)
Special Order

The Medium grain is similar to what popular commercial HPR motor vendors use as reusable nozzle material. The Fine is appropriate for more technical projects or the more particular experimenter. This new stock is available in 1", 2", 3", and 4" diameters and 12" lengths only.

  • Grain size .008 inch and .030 inch
  • Specific Resistance .00047 ohm-inch
  • Flexural Strength 6,000 psi
  • Compressive Strength 12,300 psi
  • Shore Hardness 48
  • Porosity 13%
  • Tensile Strength 3,600 psi
  • Bulk Density 1.70 - 1.76 g/cc
  • Ash 500 ppm
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We are using this material for the nozzle throat in our own sub-orbital vehicle SORAC and will let you know how it does in extremely long burns. (it does really well - ed.)

Professor Terry Mcreary of Kentucky State and author of "Experimental Composite Propellants" says this about our 1.5" tapered rod:

"I've ordered several items from Aerocon in the past, notably graphite. For those into (whisper it) motor construction, six bucks worth of surplus graphite rod makes about a dozen nozzles, each of which is reuseable. I've used some nozzles a dozen times without noticeable erosion from low-metals propellant."

Looking forward to doing more business with Aerocon,

Thanks P'rfesser!

Here's what Steve Decker thinks about them:

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm having fun machining up the graphite electrodes I recently bought from you. I'm turning them down to make 29mm Kosdon nozzles and I'll probably be able to get 6 or 7 nozzles from each electrode.

Graphite machining IS messy, but I've been using a "Sand & Kleen" vacuum system, which keeps the mess to a minimum.

Anyway, on my Homier lathe, I just chuck the short threaded end and let the tapered end rest inside the hole of the tailstock. This eliminated the need for a center or steady rest as I true the cylinder.

Works great!

Thanks for offering these electrodes.

Best Regards,
Steve Decker

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