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Surplus Pressure Transducers

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Transducer Bonanza! taber sm

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Strain Gage Transducers removed from service - at great prices! We have a slug of these Taber Model 206, 217, 226, and 254 transducers in stock. Connection port an Amphenol 8 pin connector, the pressure port is -4 AN. Tested, but not calibrated - sensitivity and range, pin-out and excitation voltage all marked on label. 3 mV/V output

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Here's's primer on pressure transducers

A critical issue to be aware of is pressure transducers and sudden impact loads or water hammer.  This link takes you to another resource on the net dealing with this issue.  For rocket motor testing the issue of water hammer is critical since a rapid increase in pressure can damage your transducer.  Connecting the transducer to the motor via a length of tubing filled with grease will act as a snubber of sorts and help protect your transducer from damage.

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