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AeroconAmp 03

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Single Channel Instrument Amplifier for
Load Cells and Pressure Transducers

A simple yet sophisticated amplifier for millivolt load cells and pressure transducers

The Aerocon AMP-03 is designed to amplify small voltage and current sensor output signals. The output of the Amp-02 ranges from 0 to 10V and may be connected to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), such as a Dataq, for digitization and display on a PC.

A battery voltage of anywhere from 12V to 36V may be used to power the Amp-03.


Compatible with 2 mV/V and 3 mV/V strain gauges and load cells, jumper selectable
Bandwidth 400Hz 
Very low noise. Less than 0.5LSB into a 12 bit ADC
10V excitation voltage with output current limiting 
High impedance differential input 0-10V output 
Supply voltage 12V to 36V


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