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72 inch orange parachute

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72 Inch Orange Parachute with 12 shroud lines 100 inches long. Same nylon as in Man-Rated chutes. Edge vents and skirt with apex for extra stability. For a nominal 10 pound vehicle. Weight about 2 pounds, the deployment bag weighs about 1 pound.

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72 inches is the effective diameter of this parachute due to the multiport nature of the canopy. While the skirt is approximately 60" the overall diameter is actually 72" when inflated. There is a very high tech look and feel to this parachute.

Click here to see this parachute in use

Works great as a sea anchor too!  

Underwater photo of this parachute, nylon lines won't rot.

Photo Courtesy Zack Smith, Newport Beach YMCA Pool, 1997


Here are a couple of pictures from Captain Nick using our 72" orange chute drift fishing for gogleyes.

Captain Nick Campbell, captnpc(at),  a fishing guide and live bait supplier in Islamorada, Florida Keys

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