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60 inch chute with bag!

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Very compact! Nominally for an 6 pound vehicle. This parachute is perfect for most 3" and 4" airframes from PML, LOC, Public Enemy, Binder Design, TCB, Vaughn, Blackhawk and more! One of the nicest features of this parachute is the fact that it deflates immediately upon landing, no more chasing that wayward rocket. Originally from a 4.2" mortar round this parachute is very professional in its construction and packaging. 

12 suspension lines of 1/8" fiberglass, 66" long each. The lines are fireproof! 

Weight is 12 oz. with the bag. Shown deployed and in deployment bag. 

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From Stuart Davis:

I obtained some of the 60" white 'chutes like you have listed and found they
take RIT dye very well.  I warmed the dye per the label instructions and dyed
several red.  They sat if the dye for two hours (while they cooled to room
temp), then I rinsed them in cold water.  They really took the dye well.  Now
that they are really red, you can see them well in the sky.

I thought you may want to put this in your ad, as some people don't like a
pure white 'chute.

Stuart Davis

Red parachute by Stuart Davis

Basic Black Parachute - Perfect for bright or cloudy days!

How to Dye Your Parachute:

  1. WEAR GLOVES unless you want your hands dyed, and clean up any spills immediately!
  2. In a large metal pan or bowl (4 quart, that you will never use for cooking again) place 1/2 gallon of water and 1/2 bottle of RIT brand LIQUID clothing dye. Make sure to shake the bottle vigorously as the pigment will have settled on the bottom while it has been on the shelf.
  3. With the pan on the stove, slowly warm the dye/water solution to a temperature that is near boiling. You will start to see "wisps" of steam coming off the top before the water boils. You want this solution VERY hot, but not boiling.
  4. Turn off the stove and SLOWLY immerse the parachute into the dye solution. Use a paint stirring stick (or other implement that you do not mind being dyed) do stir the parachute in the solution. Slowly turn the parachute over, and generally try to expose all of the 'chute that you can to the solution. Stir for about 10 minutes. BE AWARE that this solution is HOT and will be quite uncomfortable if you get it on bare skin. Wearing platex type kitchen gloves is wise.
  5. Make sure that ALL of the 'chute is under the liquid. If it is not, add some hot water to the pad. DO NOT leave the shroud lines hanging out of the pan, they will allow the dye solution to wick out.
  6. Make sure you have CLEANED UP any spills, the dye is pretty permanent.
  7. Allow the 'chute to sit in the pan for 3 to 4 hrs while the solution cools. While wearing gloves, slowly lift the 'chute out of the pan and let any excess solution run off of it. Squeeze as much excess solution from the 'chute as you lift it out. Be careful not to drip (keep the wife somewhat happy!).
  8. Rinse the 'chute in COLD water for just a minute (30 to 60 seconds). Don't wash out all of the color. Squeeze out all of the excess water.
  9. Hang the 'chute somewhere to dry with something (like a coffee can) under it to catch any liquid that will drip out of it.
  10. That's it. Your 'chute should have a nice, permanent color to it. The RED works really well, I imagine the dark colors like black would also.
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