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18" Hexagonal
16" Paper Chute- NEW!
23" Square - NEW!
27" X-Form
30" X-form
36" Ballistic Drogue
36" White
60" White
60" Pilot- NEW!
72" Orange
73" X-Form
10 Foot White
15 foot White
Parachute Fun Pack - WOW! Deployment Bag

28 foot C-9

20 foot Square White

Aerocon - The World's Largest Assortment of
Military Surplus Parachutes

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60" Pilot Parachute


23" Square Parachute


16 inch parachute

16" Paper Parachute

X-form Parachutes

36" White

60" White

18" green parachute
18" Hexagonal

73" Ballistic Yellow X-Form

One stout chute! Used as a deceleration device on a mine or torpedo this parachute is meant to take a serious hit on high speed deployment.

Double your money back guarantee if this chute shreads at speeds up to Mach 1.2! Submit photos of shred plus acceleration log file to claim your guarantee.

72" Orange Guideform Parachute

This also is one stout chute. Probably used on a sonobuoy or air dropped torpedo originally, this parachute is quite nice to look at when inflated. Looks like a UFO!

Works great as a sea anchor for fishing and sailboats, we've sold these all over the world for use in fresh and salt water applications.

72" Orange


Recovery Bridle

Kevlar Webbing

1800 Pound Test!

Parachute Fun Pack

Parachute Fun Pack Shown Left, a Terrific Assortment of all our Smaller Parachutes - at a Bargain Price!


28 foot C-9 Man-rated


White Man-Rated Parachute System

Includes harness, container, deployment bag


  • Parachutes up to 28 feet in diameter. 
  • Exremely light weight, military high quality - not thick, coarse cargo chutes. 
  • All parachutes come with flightime guarantee.
  • Parachutes in most cases are packaged from original application, we are unable to unpack and inspect every parachute. 
  • Parachutes are sold as-is, original quality is of mil-spec standards.
  • These parachutes are not intended for, nor should they be used for humans. 

Read an interesting story about recovering one of our 15' flare parachutes 
(warning: adult language)
Kevlar Tape for Recovery Bridles

Top Quality Kevlar braided tape for Bridles
~15' and ~30' in-stock lengths or order by the foot!

1800 lbf tensile strength!

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