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28 Foot Parachute

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Flat 28 foot Diameter Chute still used today by many military paratroopers and in some ejection seat systems.  While the parachute is still airworthy it has not been inspected by a certified rigger and is not rated for manned flight.   Chute is in good shape, intact with all suspension lines and riser attachments. 

Chute weighs 11 pounds.  I've stuffed them into 5.5" diameter by 48" long deployment bags for sounding rocket projects so I know that's possible, a struggle, but possible.

Pricing and online ordering

We need to see our signed release before we ship you this parachute stating that it will never be used in a manned application.

We also stock 21 and 24 foot diameter parachutes, call or email for pricing and availability.

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