36 inch white parachute
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Very compact! Nominally for a 4 pound vehicle. 5 ea. 32 inch shroud lines, 1/16 inch nylon with a reefing line. Weight is 28 grams with the bag. Though this parachute may be only a 36 incher it has a drag similar to a 44" chute! According to Knacke, a parachute reefed as this one is can mimic the drag of a much larger chute. You can find T. W. Knacke's book Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual in the literature section of our website. There are two secondary pictures on this page. One is the white parachute descending with a payload. The other is a parachute dyed yellow by an enthusiast named Dan the Poker Ace.

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Reviewed by dyaugo
dyaugo bought "36 inch white parachute" on our website
02/16/2012 - 04:57:36 PM
Absolutely a Fantastic Chute!!
I had the opportunity to use this parachute on my last launch. I launched a large size rocket BT-80 about 34" in length. The rocket went about 2000 feet and when the parachute opened you could easily spot it in the sky. It floated gracefully to the ground. The rocket did not swing side to side, but was directly beneath the chute without much movement.

This website offers instructions on how to dye the parachutes and you can purchase a dye online or at any craft store. Use the liquid RIT dye and follow the instructions.

Below is a list of reasons why I would suggest buying this parachute.

1) The price is unbelievable. You will NOT be able to find a chute comparable for the same price. Some companies out there are charging between $30-$45 for a chute that "performs" as well as these chutes. Save your money and buy several of these. You will be happy that you did. Also keep in mind this is an actual military chutes, not a sheet of flat nylon.Current count I have seven 36" chutes and two 42" and I plan on buying more!

2) Produces the same amount of drag of a 44" because of the reefer line.
3) Easy to pack in the rocket.
4) The chutes are white, but can be dyed any color of your choice.
5) Very easy to spot in the sky. Yellow, Red, Orange are some great colors to use.
6) One of the features I like is that the chutes deflate when they land. No more will you be chasing your rocket across the desert floor because the chute caught wind and is dragging your favorite rocket causing damage.

The only additional thing I would like to add is that the chutes do not come with a fixed attachment point. Most people will just knot a loop in the bottom and attach a quick link, but I contacted a company and they actually made a Kevlar bridle and attached a barrel swivel. The price was fair and now I have something solid to attach a quick link to.

Great chute and I highly recommend them!


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